4 comments on “Great Things About Homeschooling #6 – Friends I Never Expected

  1. My kids have seen me form a super close friendship with my sister over the past several years. I want the same for them with each other, which is one reason we homeschool (but only ONE of the many reasons! ;)) The “friendships” I had as a kid with classmates were so forced (all the same age, maybe 10-15 girls to become friends with each year)-if I’d have had a choice, I wouldn’t have likely chosen the ones I was presented with IYKWIM.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog. I often wish I could take a leave from my job (teacher) to homeschool one of my 2E kids. I love teaching but know that “the system” can’t reach about 5 – 10 % of the kids, no matter how good the teachers and how good the intentions are. My kids have had great teachers – we are very lucky! But I do have one square peg for whom a brick and mortar school may not be the best match. I admire your courage! As for math, I LOVE Jump Math for homeschooler’s or regular schoolers. You can download lessons for free at http://www.jumpmath.org, order workbooks (full versions) from there, or workbooks (most “critical” streams of math) from amazon or chapters online – called “Jump at Home” (followed by grade). No, I don’t work for or represent them – just a huge fan…

    • It’s fascinating that you would like my blog. We are so often on the opposite sides of things aren’t we? There was a teacher who really let my son down along the way and for a while she tainted my views of all teachers. The most interesting point of that is that I once wanted to be a teacher. Now I am, but in a way that is about as far as I imagined. And I’m glad there are still good teachers in the public schools. You give us all hope.

      Many of the teachers at my son’s learning center are also home schoolers. The twice a week specialtly classes allow them enough income to teach their kids at home. Mrs. Webb, who taught his music theater class last year, was homeschooling all five kids on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then they attended classes on her work days. But she’s about to deliver her sixth, so she’s now staying home for a while. None of that would have been possible without the charter. If it’s something you really want, you may wish to look into that option.

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