2 comments on “Great Things About Homeschooling #21 — Science Without Apology

  1. Great post! We are in our 3rd year of living and homeschooling our gifted son in a capital city in the South. The whole science vs. religion thing has been a major issue for us here. We are having a hard time making friends and finding a like-minded homeschool community. It’s unbelievable how many people we have met here that think dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

  2. This is an extraordinary post—I love so many moments in it, and I love your message as a whole. I agree that whoever or whatever God is, that he/she/it/something is more wondrous than we could ever begin to wrap our heads around. And yes—everything can and should be questioned, explored, examined, lifted up to the light and peered through. As it was supposed to be!

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