2 comments on “Great Things about Homeschooling #25 – Easier Disability Management

  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this! I have three boys, one of whom has been labeled (though not officially diagnosed) as having attention problems. Over the past year homeschooling, even his biggest critics have come to me and commented on the big changes in his maturity. I’m confident it couldn’t have happened in a setting where going along and getting along are the biggest requirements for adult praise. Attention and listening are still challenges, but they are ones we face together with love, understanding, and all the time in the world for him to grow at his own pace. It is interesting to me how a child’s being gifted or disabled can often be in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I think I’m dealing with the first one, and other times he surprises me with his brilliance. All children are amazing if we just give them the chance to be.

  2. I can relate to your post. We used a local Montessori school and home school to manage our 2e boy’s learning and development needs all through their elementary and middle school years.

    My older son is now in public High School and flourishing on an all Honors path. He eventually developed the organization skills and processing speed he needed to manage in “the system”. High School now offers the academic challenge he needs; this was a key element missing from our public schools throughout the elementary and middle school years. Finally, his abilities and public school offerings mesh.

    My younger son is just now starting to show some signs of the kinds of self regulation and direction he would need to flourish in public school. He is still very easily distracted. I’m not sure his abilities will mesh “in time” for attendance at the public High School. I’m exploring, as I have through all of their lives, our options in case the easier path is not an option for our younger son.

    The adventure continues.

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