One comment on “Why the word “Perfect” is banned at my house

  1. This is profound and completely true. I am one such perfectionist. It can be debilitating and frequently is. The best resource I have found is the flylady website. I don’t check it daily and my house is not perfect by any means. But the quote from her: “Housework done incorrectly still blesses my family” has been very useful for me. Occasionally I even switch it to other things, such as “a game played incorrectly” or “crafts done incorrectly” or “lesson plans done incorrectly”. Now, most people probably wouldn’t notice the flaws in all the things I do, but I am my own worst critic. I will let my house get completely trashed because I don’t have the 2 hours it takes me to clean the bathroom or the 4 hours it takes to clean the kitchen. On good days, I can just throw some dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters and call it good. Let’s not talk about all the unfinished projects in the craft room…

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