5 comments on “An Open Letter to the lady at Playland

  1. Loved this! It would be nice if others understood our gifted children for who they really are and not assume we are showing off our supposed hothoused prodigies like a personal accomplishments! As parents of gifted children, we have all come across adults like this mom, and what they say hurts our children more than these adults will ever know. Thanks so much for telling it like it is!

  2. I have had the same thing happen to me more then once 🙂 At the park or the science museum or the grocery store or at the………. you get the picture. Thank you for your post, it is good to know that I am not the only one. Sometimes I just wish people could understand the way we do and if they did they would never make such comments.

  3. Yup, been there. I was once referred to as a “flash card mom” – by some other parent at the playground, because my kid was explaining outer space to her kid in some rather advanced and excrutiating detail. Until my kid whipped around and said “what is a flash card? Is it like a cross between a jump drive and sim card?”

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